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Education & Tutoring Services

School Readiness Assessment

Starting school is a big deal for children and parents. Often, parent's are unsure how best to prepare their child for educational settings, and may even wonder if their child is ready to start school.

Our school readiness assessments are tailored to children aged from 3-to-7 years of age. This service evaluates a child's readiness for kindergarten or primary school. This form of assessment involves evaluating a child's cognitive, social-emotional, independence and motor skills to determine their preparedness for academic and social success.


During the assessment, a qualified professional specialising in education and school readiness evaluations will gather information about the child's cognitive abilities, social-emotional development, and motor skills. This involves completing a series of fun standardized tests with the child to directly evaluate their abilities and areas of strength and weakness. It also involves an interview with parents and a range of standardised clinical scales. 

After the assessment, the clinician will provide a comprehensive report that includes the child's readiness for school and recommendations for interventions and support to ensure they are prepared for academic and social success. After reading the report you will have an accurate understanding of your child's:

- Overall School Readiness Score

- Concept knowledge of numbers, colours, letters shapes and reasoning skills

- Degree of readiness in comparison to other children their own age

- Areas of Strengths and Weaknesses

- Developmental delays (if present)

- Tailored recommendations in areas needed to improve your child's transition to school

Educational Tutoring Services

Our tutoring service provides one-on-one academic support and guidance to parents and students of all ages who are seeking assistance for academic performance or need extra help to achieve their academic goals. Our tutoring services are provided by qualified experienced teachers who specialize in primary and secondary education. Our tutors will work with students or their parents to identify areas of weakness, develop personalized learning plans, and provide targeted instruction to help students overcome academic challenges.

Our primary school aged tutoring service focusses on supporting students (and their parents) to develop core skills in the areas of reading, literacy and numeracy.

Our secondary school tutoring is delivered by qualified secondary teachers with expertise in the areas of Legal Studies (Stage 1 & 2), Modern History (Stage 1 & Stage 2), English, and Individual Research Project (Parts A & B). Our secondary tutoring is tailored to suit the needs and educational goals of students.

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