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ADHD coaching for teenagers, parents and adults

If you, or your child, have a received an ADHD diagnosis you may be seeking treatments and services which can assist with managing ADHD. Coaching is recommended as a complementary support service to other treatments. Coaching focuses on building strategies to increase organisation, motivation, self-efficacy and, in turn, positively impact self-esteem and overall wellbeing.


A lifestyle coach with knowledge and experience of ADHD can provide adults, teenagers and their parents with valuable insight into the brain and behavioural aspects of ADHD. Put simply, an ADHD coach applies their knowledge and expertise regarding ADHD to build skills and strategies to achieve specific goals.


ADHD’ers often need extra support with developing strategies to succeed at school and work, set and achieve personal goals, prioritise self-care and have positive relationships in life.


For those with ADHD, coaching can help you to:

  • Understand ADHD and how it might be impacting your life

  • Identify and harness your ADHD strengths! ADHD’ers are often creative, spontaneous and energetic and it’s important to leverage these strengths to facilitate success

  • Develop strategies to set and achieve goals

  • Incorporate newly learned skills and resources into daily activities

  • Create personalised routines or schedules that support your aspirations



If you support an ADHD’er (such as a child) coaching can help you to:

  • Understand how ADHD is impacting the persons behaviour

  • Recognise the strengths of an ADHD brain and advocate for environmental support

  • Co-develop strategies with that person that support their needs and preferences

  • Understand the important of routine for reducing stress often experienced by ADHD’ers



About our ADHD Coaches


Rebecca has lived experience of ADHD and practical knowledge from her own journey. Rebecca has the personal knowledge of the struggles and impacts of ADHD on many life domains including work, study, relationships, self-care and achieving personal goals.


Rebecca uses client-driven processes to empower adults and teenagers to achieve their best lives and to embrace ADHD as part of their unique selves. Coaching can also be tailored for parents and carers who wish to better understand and support ADHD’ers.


1-Hour Session - $95

6-Session Pack - $500

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